Xian Suggested Itinerary

Day 1
Start your day with a visit to the most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century, the amazing Terracotta Warriors and the Horses Museum, which boasts the title of the World's Eighth Great Wonder.
Day 2
You should start your day with a visit to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, one of the most representative attractions in Xi'an. The 64.5-meter-high (211.6 feet) pagoda was built by the Tang Dynasty (about 1,300 years ago) to house the Buddhist scriptures and statues brought back from India. To discover more, visit Shaanxi Provincial History Museum, which will give you an insight into the Chinese history and culture through its large collection of historical items.
Day 3
Start your day with a visit to the City Wall, which was initially built as a military defence system more than 600 years ago. Ascending the City Wall, you could catch a glimpse of the magnificent ancient constructions, surrounded by urban landscape. Towards noon, you can explore the Great Mosque, one of the oldest, largest and best-preserved Islamic mosques in China. The famous snack street, Muslim Street, is on the way to the mosque where you can enjoy mouthwatering local snacks and interesting keepsakes.
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