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Gulang Islet
Known as the ‘Marine Garden’, Gulang Islet is on the far bank of Lujiang River. 20,000 lovers of music live on the 1.87 sq km islet, where the per capita ownership of pianos is the highest in China. Attractions: Sunlight Rock, Shuzhuang Garden, Gangzaihou Bathing Beach and the Memorial Hall of Zheng Chenggong.

How to get there: Take a bus to the Ferry Dock and from there a boat to the islet.

  • Sunlight Rock (or Huangyan Rock) is the highest point on Gulang Islet. Climb the rock for a bird’s eye view of the hill, the sea, the city and the Greater Dan and Lesser Dan islets. Explore caves and pavilions tucked away in the trees.
  • Shuzhuang Garden
    Lying at the southern foot of Sunlight Rock, the garden sprawls between the surging sea and the quiet hill. Not to be missed.

Round-the-Island Road
The road measures 26 km and goes around Xiamen Island from Xiamen University and Hulishan Fort all the way to the airport. This road skirts scenic beaches, where you can sunbathe and relax without admission charge.

How to get there: Take bus number 2
Wulao Peaks
From the beaches of Xiamen, next to the South Putuo Temple, the Wulao Peaks (also called the Peaks of Five Old­Men) seem to pierce the sky. Encircled by white clouds, the peaks appear like five white­haired men staring at the sea.

Dragon Ponds in the North Mountain
‘North Mountain’ or Beichen Mountain in Tong’an is blessed with a spectacular waterfall, 1000 m in length, at its northern foot. In the rains, the waterfall grows even longer. The water flows into the 12 ‘Dragon Ponds’ produced by the waterfall.

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