Xiamen is famous for its Peanut Soup and the version served at the Huang Zehe Peanut Soup Restaurant on Zhongshan Road is arguably the most famous. Other recommendations: Shrimp noodles, shacha noodles, glutinous rice stuffed with meat wrapped in bamboo leaves, fried taro balls, dumplings and thin cakes, etc..

  • S huyou Seafood Restaurant
    Add: Annex Building of Bank of China Building,
    Hubin N. Rd., Xiamen
    Tel: 0086­592­5098888
  • South Putuo Temple Vegetarian Restaurant
    Add: Puzhao Tower, South Putuo Temple,
    515 Siming S. Rd., Xiamen
    Tel: 0086­592­2085908
  • Ximen Tusundong Restaurant
    Add: 33 Douxi Rd., Xiamen
    Tel: 0086­592­8650170
  • Jiulongtang Restaurant
    Add: By the Hulishan Fort,
    49 Huandao S. Rd., Xiamen
    Tel: 0086­592­2525335
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