Tianjin Suggested Itinerary

120 km from Beijing, at the edge of the Bohai Sea, stands the city of Tianjin. The name means 'the place where the emperor crossed the river'. Facing the Bohai Sea, Tianjin, the one time imperial port, serves as Beijing's vital gateway to the sea.

The city tours should be clubbed with your Beijing Trip. You can send two quality days including you day of arrival and explore various attractions.
Day 1
You can start your day with a visit to Tianta Lake Scenic Area- The only tower in the world that stands in water, the Tianjin Radio and TV Tower (also known as 'Tianta Tower') is combines tourist sites, restaurants and entertainment with broadcasting and television. Then you can proceed to The 'Five Avenue' Area gets its name from the five roads that run east to west: Machang Street, Munan Street, Dali Street, Chongqing Street and Chengdu Street.
Day 2
You should devote this day while visiting other famous attractions like The Ancient Cultural Street, Shi Family Courtyard, Dagu Fort and Panshan Mountain Scenic Area. You can be back to Beijing either same day or next for your connecting flight to the home destination.
Tianjin Tourist Attractions
Suggested Itinerary
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