Tianjin Shopping

Tianjin is a bustling commercial center. Old stores in traditional shopping districts have been revamped. They now coexist with modern shopping complexes that have mushroomed across the city. The choice is wide and varied, from local handicrafts to global brands.

  • Tianjin Quanyechang
    Add: 290 Heping Rd., Tianjin
    Tel: 0086­22­27211111
  • Zhongyuan Department Store
    Add: 200 Binjiang Road, Tianjin
    Tel: 0086­22­27213769
  • Binjiang Commercial Building
    Add: 193 Binjiang Road, Tianjin
    Tel: 0086­22­27117880
  • Shenyang Road Antique Market
    Add: Shenyang Rd., Tianjin
    Tel: 0086­22­27306084
  • Isetan Shopping Center
    Add: Modern City, Nanjing Rd., Tianjin
    Tel: 0086­22­27221111
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