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Panmen Gate Scenic Area
The Panmen Gate – comprising two water passages, three land passages and an outside gate – remains the only intact water land gate in the ancient city of Suzhou. Don’t miss the Wumen Bridge and Ruiguang Pagoda in the vicinity of the Panmen Gate.

Humble Administrator’s Garden
The Humble Administrator’s Garden at 178 Dongbei Street was built in 1509, in the fourth year of the reign of Emperor Zhengde of the Ming Dynasty (1368 AD-1644 AD). The World Heritage site – one of China’s four famous gardens – is a unique blend of aqua and flora. A third of the garden is covered by water. Around the lake are trees and buildings laid out in the fashion of a maze. Highlights: the Distance Fragrance Hall, Fragrant Islet, Lotus Pavilion, Mountain in View Building, Little Flying Rainbow and the Pipa Garden.


Zhouzhuang Town
On the southwestern corner of Kunshan lies Zhouzhuang Town surrounded by water on all four sides, an island town in the real sense of the term. Highlights: The town tower, crisscrossing rivers and streets and a dozen unique stone bridges from the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.


About 10 km southwest of Suzhou stands the ancient township of Mudu, a composition of classical gardens, green mountains and blue rivers. Mudu enjoys a 1,000­yearreputation of being “more elegant than the areas to the south of the Yangtze River”. The Yans garden and the Hongyin Mountain Villa present unique pictures of serenity. Enamored by its beauty, Emperor Qianlong (1711 AD­1799 AD) visited the town six times. He drank tea, watched operas and toured gardens. You could do the same.


Tiger Hill
Northwest of the old city is “first historical site of Wuzhong”: the 2,500-year old Tiger Hill. On the summit is China’s Leaning Tower, the Pagoda of Yunyan Temple built more than 1,000 years ago.

At Tiger Hill is the Tomb of He Lü, the king of the State of Wu in the ‘Spring and Autumn Period’ (770­476 BC) and the Sword Pool. According to legend the king was buried with 3,000 swords.

Celebrations are frequent in the area. Not to be missed: The extravagant display of folk art at the Golden Autumn Fair.

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The Master-of-Nets Garden
At the southeastern corner of the old city is the famous rock garden where philosophical inscriptions advocate the pleasures of seclusion. The World Heritage List is a work of art typical of the classic gardens of Suzhou.


Tianping Hill
Tianping Hill is a historical site 14 km west of downtown Suzhou. 221 m above sea level, the hill has a flat summit and several places of great cultural interest.

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