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Sports has formed an important part of the lives of the Chinese people ever since the beginning of the civilization till the present day. From the Song Dynasty on Tai Chi Chuan and similar qigong martial arts activities became popular in China. With the influx of modern sports in China, like Football boxing, gymnastics, ping pong (table tennis), chess, badminton, diving and gymnastics China’s professional success in sports is slowly and steadily moving up the ladder. In last three years, China has successfully hosted the three major events of the world- The Olympic Games 2008 Beijing, the World Expo 2010 Shanghai, the Asian Games 2010 Guangzhou. Today with continuing rapid economic growth in China and the hosting of 2008 Olympic Games have helped popularize golf as one of the key offerings in China. The leisure class golf is on the verge of a boom period with hundreds of signature golf courses. The most famous and exclusive the Mission Hills, world’s largest golf resort tests your skills in dream surroundings under the watchful guidance of women caddies. Virtually all the courses in China are within driving distance of hotels and resorts and remark golf certainly a refreshing sports in China.

China is a great sporting nation. If you are a sports enthusiast, China provides you with loads of opportunity to play the game you like as well as to watch some major international events. Some of the locations which will give you an experience of your lifetime are as follows.
Sports Tour
A. Golf
Golf Tours

China is becoming one of the fastest growing golf destinations. Aesthetic courses, lush green landscapes at variety of locations add value to your golf holidays.

Some of the finest Golf courses in China: •

World's largest golf club, Mission Hills in Shenzhen and Dongguan
• Guilin Merryland situated on the scenic karst peaks of Guilin, Guangxi Province
• Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Asia's highest golf course located on 3100 meters
• Spring City, China's most awarded golf course in Yunnan Province
• Sun Valley, a 7-hole golf course spread in 820 yards at Sanya in Hainan Island

Golf Holidays destinations:

1. Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Tianjin: China serves you a wide variety of golf clubs in its four main municipalities. In Beijing, you can explore the Beijing CBD International Golf Club, the Beijing Golf Club and the Beijing Country Golf Club whereas in Chongqing, the Sun Kingdom Golf Club is highly recommended. You can also visit the Sun Island International Golf Club in Shanghai; while in Tianjin, the Yangliuqing Golf Club located in a natural forest allows you to enjoy the amidst the greens.

2. Chengdu, Hohhot, Xian, Urumqi: If you want to have a golf vacation in the western part of China, the following four province are the best options to experience. In Sichuan Province's Chengdu, the Chengdu International Golf Club is considered the best, but if you are in Inner Mongolia's Hohhot, you can discover the Viction Inner Mongolia Golf Resort. In Xi'an, the Ya Jian International Golf Club in Hu County is a good choice while in Xinjiang's Urumqi, the Xuelianshan Golf Club can meet your requirements.

3. Dalian, Haikou, Harbin, Hongkong: Since Dalian, Haikou and Hong Kong are situated along the coaste of China, the golf clubs in these areas are located near the beach. The Dalian Jinshi Golf Club, the Haikou Meishi Mayflower International Golf Club and the Hong Kong Discovery Bay Golf Club are fantastic resorts for playing golf and sunbathing. However, if you would like to spend your golf vacation in Heilongjiang Province's Harbin, the Baiyun Golf Club lying in the mountains is a different experience all together.

4. Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Zhuhai: If you are travelling in South China, enjoy your golf time in Fuzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Zhuhai. In these cities, there are a many golf clubs at your service. The Fuzhou Hot Spring Golf Club, the Xiamen Oriental Country Golf Club, the Guangzhou Xiancun International Golf Club and the Zhuhai Golf Villa Village are highly recommended. 5. Guilin, Guiyang, Kunming, Lijiang: If you ever go on a holiday in the tourist cities such as Guangxi Province's Guilin, Guizhou Province's Guiyang and Yunnan Province's Kunming and Lijiang, he services of high-standard Guilin Merryland Golf Club, the Guizhou Guiyang Golf Club, the Kunming Sunshine Golf Club and the Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Course are recommended. 6. Hangzhou, Huangshan, Suzhou, Wuhan: In East China's Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou and Suzhou are the ideal places for playing golf. Especially, the Hangzhou West Lake International Golf Country Club and the Suzhou Sunrise Golf Club, designed by the world famous golf course architect Jack Nicholas. If you want to experience golfing in Central China, you may go to Wuhan Orient Golf and Country Club in Hubei Province. When your travel in the famous tourist city Huangshan, playing golf at Huangshan Pine Golf Country Club offers you the opportunity to meditate your senses while playing. .
B. Dragon Boating adventure
Dragon Boating Advc
Dragon Boat is one of the most exciting festivals in China. In this festival, long, slim, open boats of various sizes are made in traditional designs. For more than 5,000 years in China, it has been used for competitive purposes during the Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival commemorates the life and death of the famous Chinese scholar Qu Yuan (340 BC-278 BC). He was a great poet and was accused of conspiracy. At the age of 61, Qu Yuan drowned himself in the Miluo river. Knowing that Qu Yuan was a righteous man, the people of Chu rushed to the river to try to save him, but were unsuccessful. The Dragon Boat Festival is traditionally celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month on the Chinese lunar calendar. In this festival, you can see from the smallest boat, called a “Baby Dragon”, having a crew of eight paddlers, to some boats that are designed for more than 100 paddlers; Dragon Boat Tour give you an exciting opportunity to showcase your boating skills and experience this ancient festival in China.
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