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Splendid China Park
The expanse of China has been encapsulated in a 30-hectare park at the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese City, overlooking the bay. At the park, Chinese history, culture, art and ancient architecture are captured in miniature form and more than 100 places of historic interest recreated in vivid color. The park, one of the country’s top 40 attractions, allows visitors to take a whirlwind tour of Chinese history.

Chinese Folk Culture Village
Next to the Splendid China Park is a village cluster that showcases the folk art, customs and architecture of 56 ethnic groups.

Window of the World
China celebrates other civilizations at the Window of the World, a vast park at the Overseas Chinese City, where global cultures and traditions express themselves in graphic detail.

Sea World
What lies under the sea? Find out at the 185,000 sq m complex comprising the Marine Theater, ‘Wonders at the Bottom of the Sea’ and other aquariums, where performances by dolphins, sea lions and seals take your breath away and sharks roam within handshaking distance. Other highlights: Exhibitions of rare marine products and performances by the Sea World Art Troupe.

Minsk Aircraft Carrier
The second generation Soviet aircraft carrier was the fifth largest in the world when it was commissioned in 1972. The Shenzhen Minsk Co. purchased ‘Minsk’ when it was decommissioned in 1998. The purpose: to open the ship to the public.

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