The bustling metropolis at the Yangtze River Delta
Shanghai, a small textile and fishing town in the 19th century, has grown into a major global center of commerce, finance, technology, media, culture, fashion and tourism. Often called “Hu” or “Shen” for short, Shanghai stretches over 6340 sq km of largely flat terrain at the Yangtze River Delta.

The subtropical climate brings about distinct seasonal changes. The damp and cold winter from December to March turns to a pleasant spring in April. June, July, August and September are hot and humid. October brings with it the mild warmth of autumn.

Millions of people travel to Shanghai each year for business and pleasure

As a mix of the old and the modern, it has so many attractions: Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jinmao Mansion, the Shanghai Museum and the Shanghai Theater, the Shanghai River Cruise, the Shanghai Tourism Festival and the China International Art Festival

Easily China's richest city and the leading trendsetter in fashion, design and the arts, Shanghai is the best city in China for dining and shopping. Locals of the city, considered frank, efficient, and progressive, are creating China's most outward-looking, and modern metropolis, replete with legions of futuristic skyscrapers, glitzy restaurants, bars, hotels, brand awareness and shopping savvy, competing with rival Asia cities such as Hong Kong, and Singapore.
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