Shanghai Suggested Itinerary

Day 1
Start your day with a visit to the Bund and the Nanjing Road, the historic landmarks of Shanghai. The Bund is a section of the waterfront along the Huangpu river, the city's mother river. Its highlights are the buildings in various kinds of architectural styles, such as the Gothic and the Baroque. Walking towards the west for a while, you could get to the bustling Nanjing Pedestrian Road, the top commercial street in China. In addition, you can also visit the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

After dinner you should go to watch the Portman Acrobatic Show at the Shanghai Centre Theatre.
Day 2
You may take a train to Suzhou, the back garden of Shanghai for hundreds of years which is well-known for preserving many charming and typical classical gardens, almost all of which are the local wealthy families' residences. Your first destination should be the Garden of the Master of Nets, which is the representative Suzhou garden combining the natural landscape and the host's residence harmoniously. The rest of the day may be spent touring around the largest garden in Suzhou - the Humble Administrator's Garden. It is also one of the top four gardens in China, at par with the imperial Summer Palace in Beijing.
Day 3
The water town of China, Zhouzhuang, the Venice of the Orient, is close to Suzhou and you can reach by car in an hour. The ancient town is breathtakingly beautiful. Unlike other modern cities, everything here is old and unsophisticated, including the navy-blue and narrow lanes, off-white residences, blocky stone bridges and lingering river below the windows.
Day 4
Back in Shanghai, you can begin your day with a visit to the Shanghai Museum, which is renowned for its astounding collections of Chinese ancient artworks. From here, you can go to the Yuyuan Garden, a typical classical Chinese garden also known as the 'Eastern Garden'. The finely structured pavilions, winding cloisters, decorated walls and crystal pond together lend it an enviable charm and tranquility, a comforting and tranquil spot, away from the bustling city. Stop for lunch, after which you may go the Bund area to take a cruise tour on the Huangpu river. Along the banks of the river, you can see many landmark buildings which will give you an opportunity to explore the ancient and modern.
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