• Shanghai Grand Theater
    Add: 300 Renmin Ave., Shanghai
    Tel: 0086­21­63728702
  • Shanghai Music Hall
    Add: 523 Yan’an E. Rd., Shanghai
    Tel: 0086­21­53866666
  • Blue Sky Bar
    Add: 161 Changle Rd., Shanghai
    Tel: 0086­21­64151188
  • Shanghai Binhai Golf Club
    Add: Shanghai Binhai Tourism and Holiday Resort
    Tel: 0086­21­58058888
  • Party World KTV
    Add: 459 Urumqi N. Rd., Shanghai
    Tel: 0086­21­62486888
  • Bowling Alley of Regal International East China Hotel
    Add: 516 Hengshan Rd., Shanghai
    Tel: 0086­21­64155588

Shanghai Leisure Streets
Yandang Road Leisure Street
Between Huaihai Road and Fuxing Park is Yandang Road known for its teahouses, bars and Chinese and Western restaurants.

Shanghai Old Street
The old commercial street resemblesanancient market place. Don’t miss it.
Add: Fangbang M. Rd., Shanghai

Hengshan Road Bar Street
Lined withdozens of bars, discotheques and teahouses, Hengshan Road spoils you with choice.

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