Qingdao Shopping

Qingdao is famous for its basket of 10 unique products: Dacheng painted silk, Shuangxing sports shoes, Tianyuan straw woven handicrafts, Swan machine embroidered products, Hongchao vacuum packed clams, Qingdao shell handicrafts, Tsingdao beer, Laoshan mineral water, Laochi Yunfeng tea and Meihe seafood.
  • Zhongshan Paris Spring
    Add: 9 Shandong Rd., Qingdao
    Tel: 0086­532­85811588
  • Hualian Trade Tower
    Add: 6 Feixian Rd., Qingdao
    Tel: 0086­532­82869999
  • First Parkson Co., Ltd
    Add: 60 Zhongshan Rd., Qingdao
    Tel: 0086­532­82021163
  • Josco Shopping Center
    Add: 72 Hong Kong M. Rd., Qingdao
    Tel: 0086­532­85719600
  • Ginza Mall
    Add: 66 Luoyuan St., Qingdao
    Tel: 0086­532­86065543

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