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Mount Huangshan
Majestic peaks punctuate the sprawling mountain (1,200 sq km), home to 1500 species of plants and 500 species of animals. A natural zoo and botanical garden, Mount Huangshan has as many as 72 peaks that stand out along with eight scenic zones. 86.6 percent of the mountain is covered with trees and vegetation. Ancient trees stand guard over pavilions, towers, temples and cliff side carvings. Designated a natural and cultural heritage site by UNESCO, Mount Huangshan has won a prominent place in the World Heritage List.

The Old Street of Tunxi
Winding through the center of Tunxi District in Huangshan is the Old Street that still reflects the architectural styles of the Southern Song (1127 AD­1279 AD), Ming (1368­1644) and Qing (1644 AD­1911 AD) dynasties. Flanked by 257 shops, the pedestrian street is 1,273 m long of which 850 m is reserved for the shopping section. The white walled and black tiled houses and buildings on either side of the street are laid out in the fashion of a maze.

Xidi Village: A World Heritage site
Not far from the city is the ancient village of Xidi. Surviving to this day are 300 houses constructed in the Ming and Qing dynasties, of which 124 still showcase the architectural style of the old Anhui Province: wood and brick structures with horse head walls and black tiles. The decorations carry deep cultural connotations seldom seen in other parts of China.

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Hongcun Village: A World Heritage site
Constructed during the period of the Northern Song dynasty (960 AD­1127 AD), Hongcun Village is nearly 1,000 years old. The village, in the shape of an ox, is an architectural miracle, not to be missed.

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