The quaint city of ice
Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang Province in northeast China. Known for its unique architecture and urban landscapes, ice lanterns and winter sports and the International Ice and Snow Festival, the city stands out as one of the world's great winter destinations. Being the famous "Ice City" in northeastern China, Harbin attracts visitors by the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival it helds each year. It is a carnival which provides visitors a whole new world of ice and snow. The festival usually begins from January and last for over one month. The best collections of ice artworks are mainly exhibited in the following five places:
  • Harbin Ice and Snow World
  • Ice Lantern Garden Party
  • Sun Island Scenic Area
  • Yabuli International Ski Resort
  • Zhaolin Park
Each winter fantastic sculptures created from snow and ice, ice lanterns and exciting sporting events attract thousands of visitors from home and abroad. The cool summers make the city highly popular as a natural summer resort.

In addition to the ice and snow, it has a very distinctive food culture which reflects Harbin's history and special geographical position. However, under the influence of neighboring Russia, a number of authentic western food restaurants have also been established here. This mix of Chinese and Western flavors will definitely fulfill your appetite.
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