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Sun Island
From the city of ice, it’s possible to reach an island in the sun. Within the city, on the northern bank of the Songhua River, lies the 3.8 million sq m ‘Sun Island’: a tranquil getaway of trees and flowers with an atmosphere tempered with strong rustic flavors.
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Saint Sophia Church
The largest Eastern Orthodox Church in the Far East, the Saint Sophia Church measures 721 sq m and rises beyond 53 m. The historical monument, known for its typical Byzantine architecture, is under national protection.

Central Street
The city’s busiest commercial street was originally known as ‘China Street’, but was renamed ‘Central Street’ in 1925. Renovations began in 1996 and the street reopened a year later, this time as a pedestrian street, one of the longest (1,450 m) and widest (21.34 m) in Asia. Central Street starts at the ‘Songhua River Anti­flood Memorial Tower’ in the north and goes all the way to Jingwei Street in the south.

Yabuli Skiing Ground
Travel 195 km east of Harbin and you arrive at the Yabuli Skiing Ground, Asia’s largest and most popular ski resort. Yabuli measures 2,255 hectares and has six skiing cableways, nine alpine skiing courses and seven cross country skiing courses. Not to be missed.


Ice and Snow World
The Ice and Snow World is the most famous attraction at the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival held on the banks of the beautiful Songhua River. The Festival has been celebrated annually since 1985, and it officially starts January 5 and lasts one month. The festival combines ice and snow sculpture, amusement and participation and has often been described as “the poetic painting of ice and snow”. The venue of the Ice and Snow World is now the western district of Sun Island on the northern bank of the Songhua River.


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