Hangzhou Suggested Itinerary

Day 1
You can start your day with a visit to the elegant Six Harmonies Pagoda located on the verdant Yuelun Hill. Originally constructed about 1,000 years ago, this octagonal pagoda with delicate decorations is one of the famous ancient buildings in Hangzhou.
Day 2
Start early with a visit to the West Lake, which is the soul of this unrefined city. You can also visit the Red Carp Pond in the south of the Flower Harbor Park, where more than one thousand red carps are fed. This should be followed with a visit to the state-level Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Coming to the northwest of the West Lake, you must go to the splendid Lingyin Temple, which was constructed about 1,600 years ago and today is the oldest temple in Hangzhou. And not to forget, spare your evening to experience the most amzing show in the West lake- The impressions west lake.
Day 3
This day should be entirely devoted to shopping at the Qing He Fang Street and exploring the city and its cuisine.
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