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Hainan China Tourist Attractions, Hawaii of China

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The tropical island of Hainan is the beach capital of China. Neither hot in summer nor cold in winter, Hainan is a paradise-by-the-sea made up of blue skies, crystal clear waters, bright sunshine and an abundance of fresh air.

Sanya, theresort city in the south of the island, is often called the 'Hawaii of China'. Like Hawaii, Sanya has long stretches of white sandy beaches and palm tree-lined boulevards.

You can cover the famout two beach destinations of Hainan-Haikou & Sanya in approx 4 to 5 days.
Day 1
You can explore the various beaches in Haikou and spend rest of the day relaxing at the beah side. You can also visit the city area to have a feel.
Day 2
You can proceed to Xinglong and overlooking Wanquan River on the way. As the third largest river in Hainan Island, Wanquan River runs for 163 km (101 miles) from Wuzhi Mountain to its outlet to the South China Sea. After arriving at Xinglong, you can visit the Tropical Botanical Garden, where you will see numerous tropical plants, including tropical cash crops, rare fruit trees and garden plants. When walking around the garden, you can also have a taste of the self-produced free coffee, coconut milk, cocoa and tea. You can reach Sanya the same same day.
Day 3
You can start your day at Sanya with visiting Miao Minority Village to enjoy the simple but tranquil tropical village, and learn about the unique culture of the Miao minority. Then you can also plan to visit Tianya Haijiao. Located at the foot of Maling Mountain about 14 miles from downtown area, Tianya Haijiao boasts rows of coconut trees, crystal sea, sandy beach, grotesque rocks and clear sky. The two huge rocks measuring over 33 feet tall attract most visitors' eyes.
Day 4
Start your day with a vsisit to Nanshan Temple to learn more about the Chinese Buddhist culture. You may walk along the beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery of blue sky, crystal seawater, high coconut trees and the soft golden beaches.
Day 5
You may take a ferry or yacht from Xiaoqi Wharf to the West Island, where you will find a 400-year old small village, dense tropical plants and gorgeous beaches. Diving, motorboat-driving and other aquatic recreational activities are also available on this picturesque island. You get your connecting flight to your home destination from Sanya.
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