Guilin Suggested Itinerary

Day 1
Upon your arrival, you may take rest and spend time in familiarising yourself with the place and people around as a perfect starter to this wonderful trip. After sun down, you can step out and visit the Bin Jiang Road to enjoy the exciting nightlife of the city.
Day 2
The day should begin with a memorable cruise along the Li river to Yangshuo. The course of the river is 83 kilometers (about 52 miles) from Guilin to Yangshuo and it looks like a green ribbon flanked by numerous verdant hills, with grotesque peaks along the river reflecting on the crystal-clear water and fields and gardens strewing on the banks, creating a splendid landscape painting. Once you reach Yangshuo, visit the countryside for a truly rural experience; you can hire a bicycle or an electric car for this trip.
Day 3
You can explore three of the most famous Guilin attractions, the Reed Flute Cave, the Seven Star Park and the Elephant Trunk Hill. Represented as the Palace of Nature's Art, the Reed Flute Cave is renowned for the marvellous stalagmites, stalactites, stone columns, stone curtains and stone flowers. The modern age arrangements in the cave make it fascinating. The Seven Star Park is the largest complex park in Guilin City. It is also famous for the Seven Star Cave which boasts splendid Karst formations. Elephant Trunk Hill is the emblem of Guilin scenery. As its name suggests, it is a huge rock that resembles an elephant drinking water at the riverside.
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