Guilin Shopping

The ‘Three Treasures of Guilin’ – Sanhua Wine, fermented bean curd and spicy sauce – should be on every shopper’s list. So should other specialties: water chestnuts, shaddocks, kumquats, Mamordica grosvenori and persimmons. Guilin is also famous for its paintings, pottery paper umbrellas.
  • Weixiaotang Commercial Building
    Add: 37 Zhongshan M. Rd., Guilin
    Tel: 0086­773­2819392
  • Wangcheng Shopping Mall
    Add: 11 Jiefang E. Rd., Guilin
    Tel: 0086­773­2835241
  • Guilin Nancheng Department Store
    Add: By the Tianxia Plaza, 26 Lijiang Rd., Guilin
    Tel: 0086­773­5841168/5858600Entertainment
  • Merryland Golf Course
    Add: Zhiling Rd., Guilin
    Tel: 0086­773­6229999
  • Yiren Bar
    Add: 27 Yiren Rd., Guilin
    Tel: 0086­773­2812471
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