Guangzhou Shopping

You can’t visit Guangzhou and not shop. The city is lined with shopping streets that sell everything from big brands to local handicrafts. Guangzhou is famous for its painted porcelain, embroidery and the carvings in ivory, jade and wood.
  • Guangzhou Department Store
    Add: 295 Beijing Road, Guangzhou
    Tel: 0086­20­83322348
  • Guangzhou Friendship Store
    Add: 369 Huanshi E. Rd., Guangzhou
    Tel: 0086­20­83576628
  • Guangzhou Antique General Store
    Add: 172 Wende N. Rd., Guangzhou
    Tel: 0086­20­83300432
  • Guangzhou Famous and Excellent
    Products Exhibition and Sales Center
    Add: 1­3/F, Fuqian Building, Guangzhou
    Tel: 0086­20­83124380

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