Entertainment in Guangzhou

Lingnan culture has its origins in ancient Guangdong and Guangxi. Exponents of its unique flavor, content and form leave impressions that last a lifetime.
  • Liuhua Tea Art House
    Add: West Garden of Liuhua Park,
    1 Liuhua Rd., Guangzhou
    Tel: 0086­20­81383295
  • Party World KTV
    Add: 1/F, Huihua Building,
    80 Xianlie M. Rd., Guangzhou
    Tel: 0086­20­37619999
  • Super-K KTV
    Add: Affiliated Building to JunYuan Building,
    155 Tianhe E. Rd., Guangzhou
    Tel: 0086­20­61006666
  • Nanfang Theater
    Add: 80 Jiaoyu Rd., Guangzhou
    Tel: 0086­20­83333155
  • Huanghuagang Theater
    Add: 96 Xianlie M. Rd., Guangzhou
    Tel: 0086­20­38362199
  • Gold Mine KTV
    Add: 4/F, 308 Dongxiao Rd., Guangzhou
    Tel: 0086­20­34298388
  • Zhengjia Feiyang Cinema City
    Add: 7/F, Zhengjia Plaza, 228 Tianhe Rd., Guangzhou
    Tel: 0086­20­85598266

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