Enchanting Facets of China

Shopping Pleasures

Where to buy and what to buy
Shopping in China is a delight for the shopaholics. Numerous perfect places to shop. If you are passionate about chic fashion and hi-tech technology, it is the place that can satisfy all your shopping desires. The world’s factory of global brands, you're bound to be able to buy anything, whatever your interest, in China. Everything from Chinese silk to stone sculpture, carvings in porcelain to artifacts of bamboo, handpicked tea to vintage wines, everything propelled the temptation of buying, simply too large. Chinese cities have different local and vibrant specialties:

The famous Beijing is renowned for cloisonné enamel and fresh water pearls whereas Shanghai is popular for jade. Xian is celebrated for antiques and rugs, while Guilin is famous for scroll paintings and bijouterie. The two most attraction, Suzhou and Hangzhou are well known for silk and tea. All will provide value for money ideas for fulfilling your shopping trip.
Fun-filled Nightlife
China nightlife is a glaring contrast of old and modern style of life. No Rock n’ Roll. Commercial foot-tapping techno beats and illuminated tables. Most of the vibrant and superb nightlife venues in China are located right in the heart of the cities. Various hangout points offer various nightlife entertainments like highly boosting acrobatics, dramas, and ballet dances, singing or attending a music concert from opera-shows to live music bands. Located on the roof garden mostly the night hubs are usually the huge glass rooms and provide the excellent view of the splendid and unforgettable surroundings.
Authentic Flavours
Eight different schools of Chinese cuisine await your arrival. Delicate Jiangsu and Zhejiang; rustic Shandong and Anhui; refined Guangdong and Fujian; and the artistic Sichuan and Hunan: each one brings to the table the distinct flavours of its region and culture.

Grand banquets - each one a showpiece of a great culinary tradition - awaken your palate no matter where you happen to be.

For those missing home, Indian food is just round the corner. But the advice of connoisseurs is to stick with your China adventure, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Beaches, Mountains
Treasure of numerous sight with natural beauty From the Stone Age to Modern Age China has everything to offer. It has the unique jewels of exquisite sights with breathtaking natural beauty. In China, apart from different hues of water you can enjoy the various mystic tones of shoreline. With white sandy coast to golden beaches, the endless coastline stretches over 18,000 kms, touches the waters of the Bohai, the Huanghai, the East China and the South China seas. Pamper yourself under the sun. Go underwater and swim till you can. The sight of various kinds of trees, swaying in thebreeze etched in your mind. Enjoy, bury the toes in the white sand, is just priceless. China has a set of the magnificent mountain landscapes that been attracting many visitors, climbers and adventurers alike. Its spectacular rocks, odd-shaped pines, hot springs and sea of clouds, separate heaven from earth. Known as the abodes of magical spirits and powerful deities, these picturesque pillars take you the way to nirvana.
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