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A city of islets
The impression Dalian gives to the world is of a city of lawns, squares, fountains and gardens. People Call it- 'A City Built in Gardens'.

There are two things that have earned the city a great reputation. One is Football and the other is Fashion. Given the name of 'Oriental Brazil', it hosts many Chinese football matches and has the most successful football teams in China. The enthusiastic fans in the football club of the four-star Wanda International Hotel tell everyone how much the Chinese like
this game.

Another carnival event in the city is Dalian International Fashion Festival, during which thousands of dazzling celebrities, designers, pop stars and clothing merchants from both home and abroad get together to present an In-Fashion feast to the world. Consequently, Dalian stirs shopping lovers' blood with all sorts of skyscraper shopping malls and markets. If you are lucky enough to come to the city around September, a sea of world-class fashion brands will delight you.

Surrounded by the Yellow Sea and inland Bohai Sea, Dalian has rich marine resources. The seafood in Dalian is just amazing and there are numerous restaurants in the city providing a wide variety of top-quality seafood at very reasonable prices. Neither too cold in winter, nor too hot in summer, Dalian is a popular resort of scattered islets. Summer is the best time to visit the city and soak up its many attractions.
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