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Tourist Attractions in Dalian

Bangchui Island Scenic Zone
Nine km from downtown Dalian, at the eastern end of Binhai Road, lies the tranquility of Bangchui Island. Imposing mountains stand in the north; in the south, a vast expanse of sea and sandy beaches overwhelm you. Sanshan Island in the distance, enveloped in cloud and mist, seems like a mysterious hill rising from the ocean bed. Swim here in bright blue waves or sunbathe on golden beaches.

How to get there: Take bus No. 712 and get off at the Modern Company, then walk about 20 minutes to the scenic zone.

Bingyu Scenic Zone
To the northeast of Dalian, forty km north of Zhuanghe City, lies the Bingyu Scenic Zone: bold and unrestrained mountains, a vast stone forest, stone pillars and nature’s geometry of oddly shaped peaks and rocks.

How to get there: It takes just two hours in a sightseeing bus from the Dalian Railway Station directly to the scenic zone.

Xinghai Square
Built to commemorate the return of Hong Kong, the Xinghai Square, the largest city square in Asia, measures 1.1 million sq. m. A musical fountain encases the square and at the center stands the white marble ornamental column which is the largest in China.
500 m to the north is the Exhibition and Convention Center and 500 m to the south is the sea. The Central Road is paved with red bricks and flanked by lawns.

How to get there: Take bus numbers 16, 23, 28, 406, 711 and 801, or a trolley bus number 202 to the Xinghai Convention and Exhibition Center Bus Stop.

Laohutan Ocean Park
The Laohutan Ocean Park in the south of Dalian occupies 1.18 million sq m of coastal land. One of its boundaries is the seashore that stretches more than 4,000 m. This park has several unique attractions: The Coral Hall, the Polar Region Hall, the Bird’s Singing Forest, the Sea Animal Hall and the Amusement World.

How to get there: Take bus numbers 2, 4, 30, 402, 403 and 404.
Website: http://www.laohutan.com.cn

Natural History Museum
The predecessor of the Natural History Museum (in the picturesque Black Reef Seashore) was constructed in 1907. In its new avatar, the museum measures 15,000 sq m making it the largest museum of natural history in China. Nearly 200,000 specimens are on display in the museum. Among the more rare exhibits: the black whale with exposed ridges weighing in excess of 60 tons, and the 40 ton sperm whale

How to get there: Take bus numbers 32 and 406; trolley bus number 202; or sightseeing bus number 801.
Website: http://www.dlnm.org

Jinshitan National Holiday Resort
Situated by the Yellow Sea in the southeast of Jinzhou District, Jinshitan is widely recognized as the best seaside holiday resort in North China. It was among the first national tourism and holiday resorts approved by the State Council.

How to get there: Take the light rail or mini bus from Jianshe St. behind Dalian Railway Station.
Website: http://www.jinshitan.com Festival & Celebration

Dalian International Fashion Festival
The Dalian International Fashion Festival held in September every year is an integration of trade, commerce art, culture and tourism. Highlights: the dazzling opening ceremony, a party held in the square, the parade of models, the clothing fair, the exchange of ideas, export opportunities, the fashion design competition, the fashion shows, and the spectacular closing ceremony. Not to be missed.

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