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Chongqing Suggested Itinerary

Day 1

If you have arrived in the morning you may start your day after lunch with a visit to General Joseph W. Stilwell Museum.  In the museum, you could see the General's bedroom, office, meeting rooms, scripts and other daily goods.

The next destination could be Chongqing Zoo where cute giant pandas playing, sleeping and eating will ensure a perfect start in the city.

You must save your energy for nights during your stay in the city as it has amazing sites to be visited at nights only.

Today, you can plan to visit’ The Two River Tower in Eling Park. It’ll give you beautiful view of two rivers and city.

Day 2

You must spend quality time in Dazu County for most of your day. It is the birthplace of the amazing Dazu Rock Carvings which were created from the late Tang Dynasty to the early Song Dynasty. With the theme of Buddhism, Dazu cliffside carvings are distributed in Beishan, Baodingshan, Nanshan, Shimenshan and Shizhuanshan. You can spend the day visiting Baodingshan Carvings located about 527 meters above sea level. It mainly consists of the Dafowan Rock Carvings Area and Xiaofowan Rock Carvings Area. There are about 10,000 statues of Buddha carved on the 500-meter cliff in the U-shape Dafowan.

Again you must be ready to spend your memorable evening with a boat tour along two rivers. You can get on a boat at Chaotianmen Wharf and go up the Yangtze River. After this you may go along the Jialing River to Huanghuayuan Bridge and return to Chaotianmen Wharf. This river tour could be an experience of your lifetime.
Day 3 and more
If you plan to leave the city today, you can plan to visit some of the local attractions like Southern Hot Spring Park and Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum.

Otherwise, you can make Yangtze River Cruise the highlight of your Chongqing tour. Upon arrival at the Chaotianmen Port, you can see many ships on the river. Some of them are used for cargo transportation; some are intended for the river cruise passengers. The cruise ships provide three to eight days' voyage. You may choose as per your schedule. During the trip, you can see the famous Three Gorges, Fengdu Ghost City, and Shennong Stream and so on. This cruise is something that travellers around the world aspire for.
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