Chinese Words

English Chinese
Good Bye or See You Again
Very Good
No Good
Very Expensive
Don't want or No
This is beautiful
My name is ..
What is your name?
Pleased to meet you
I don't want
How much is it?
Excuse me
Good morning
Good evening
Don't mention it
How are you?
Fine, and you?
Where is ..?
Do you speak English?
I don't speak Chinese
Could you write it down?
Does anyone speak english?
Can you repeat that?
I don´t understand
What is it called in Chinese?
Please speak more slowly
What does .. mean?
How do I get to ..?
Can I walk there?
Where is the railway station?
Is it far?
Is there a .. nearby?
Turn to the left
Turn to the right
On the right hand side
On the left hand side
At the end of the street
Straight on
What's the weather like?
Is it going to rain?
It's hot
It's cold
The weather is good
It's freezing
It's windy
It's rainy
Good afternoon
Good night
You are welcome
Sorry / Excuse me
No problem
Can we eat?
Can we have breakfast?
The menu, please
For dessert
Have you any vegetarian dishes?
That was delicious
I don't eat meat
I can't use chopsticks
I can use chopsticks
Please can I have a spoon
Please can I have a knife
Please can I have a fork
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