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  • Jinjiang Hotel
    Add: 80 Second Section of Renmin
    S. Rd., Chengdu
    Tel: 0086¬28¬85582222
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel Chengdu
    Add: 31 Zongfu Rd., Shudu Ave., Chengdu
    Tel: 0086¬28¬86786666
  • Minshan Hotel Chengdu
    Add: 55 Second Section of Renmin
    S. Rd., Chengdu
    Tel: 0086¬28¬85583333
  • Sichuan Hotel
    Add: 31 Zongfu St., Chengdu
    Tel: 0086¬28¬86755555
  • Minzu Hotel
    Add: 9 Yongling Rd., Chengdu
    Tel: 0086¬28¬87768687
  • Yinhe Dynasty Grand Hotel
    Add: 88 Shuncheng St., Xiaxi, Chengdu
    Tel: 0086¬28¬86618888Travel Services
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