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Yuelu Mountain
Yuelu Mountain, on the western bank of the Xiangjiang River, sprawls across an area of 36 sq km and its highest peak rises 300 m above sea level. In a setting of deep gorges, serene peaks, lush foliage stand the Lushan Temple, the stupa built in the Sui Dynasty (581­618), the Yunlu Palace, the King Yu Tablet and the Aiwan Pavilion
Added attractions: The Yuelu Academy and the Juzizhou Islet.

How to get there: Take the You 1 bus or public bus numbers 12 and 202.

This is where the family tombs of King Chu and Ma Yin of the Five Dynasties (907 AD­960 AD) and the three older tombs of the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC­24 AD) were found along with silk writings and paintings and other ceremonial objects used in ancient burials. A remarkably well-preserved woman’s corpse excavated from a tomb now rests in the Hunan Museum. The number 3 tomb has been renovated and is open for public viewing.

How to get there: Take the bus number 112.

Ruins of Tongguan Kiln
A kiln from the Tang Dynasty was found in the area between nearby Tong­guan Town and Shizhuhu in Wangcheng County. The excavated porcelain ware, in a variety of shapes and styles, are engraved with vivid impressions of animals. These are believed to be the first specimens of under glaze coloring technique. In eras gone by, the porcelain was in great demand in what is now modern Japan, Korea and Indonesia.

How to get there: Take the mini bus from the Changsha North Bus Station directly to the ancient kiln.

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