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Day 1
You can start your day with exploring the amazing natural beauty of Changsha by visiting Yuelu Mountain, on the western bank of the Xiangjiang River, which sprawls across an area of 36 sq km. Its tall and elegant peaks, lushly growing trees have any many added attraction like Yuelu Academy , Lushan Temple, Yunlu Palace, The King Yu Tablet, Aiwan Pavilion and Juzizhou Islet.

These attractions will ensure that you don't miss anything when it comes to nature and your day will be memorable
Day 2
You day should start with visiting Yuelu Academy, the Hunan University is a descendant of the academy. Then have a quick travel in Hunan Provincial Museum which is well known as Mawangdui. From 1972 to early 1974, Chinese archaeological workers excavated three tombs of the Western Han Dynasty at Mawangdui and achieved tremendous results which attracts tourists from China and abroad.
Day 3
Another historical site would be perfect starter for the day- Ruins of Tongguan Kiln-A kiln from the Tang Dynasty was found in the area between nearby Tong-guan Town and Shizhuhu in Wangcheng County. Then you can move to explore some shopping options and try the local cuisines.
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