Flourishing Time
China is the inventor of compass, paper, gunpowder and printing. Before you choose the destination for your next meeting, conference, exhibition or event, consider crossing the Himalayas into the rarified atmosphere of global commerce. East China or west, north or south, business hospitality follows you wherever you go: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Wuhan, Xian, Dalian, Shenzen and Zhuhai. Each commercial hub unfurls its unique red carpet along with world class infrastructure: hotels replete with 21st century amenities; special exhibition venues that beckon global traffic in high numbers; 360-degree service day and night; interpreters; transportation systems of clockwork punctuality; emergency healthcare; recreation facilities; the culinary flavors of China, Europe and India; shopping; sightseeing; night life; and whatever else you might need at a moment's notice.
Farming with Intelligence
China Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of its economy. Employing over 300 million farmers it provides more than 12 percent of the GDP in the country. According to statistics, China Agriculture provides the biggest output compared to other countries by its primarily production of rice, wheat, potatoes, sorghum, millet, barley, oilseed, pork, and fish. Cash crops include cotton, peanuts, rape, sesame, sugarcane, tea, tobacco, mulberry and fruit influence the international market. Equipped with modern technologies and guided by latest experiments agriculture in China undergoes constant innovation while saving resources and be a sustainable green agriculture.
Moreover, the advancement of organic farming is phenomenal. Agricultural research and innovative capacity is strengthened. In the coming future, China will be in a stage of accelerated industrialization, urbanization, marketisation and internationalization, and sustainable socioeconomic growth will require stronger support from agriculture.
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