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Day 1
You may start your day with a visit to one of the greatest man-made projects on earth, the Great Wall of China. After spending half a day here, you may move to see the Sacred Way, which is a rather long road decorated with stone statues and plants on both sides, leading you to the Ming Tomb. Based on Chinese traditional Feng-shui, the tomb is a harmonious combination of mausoleum constructions, mountains and rivers. On your way back, you may stop at the Bird's Nest (the Olympic National Stadium), an architectural marvel.
Day 2
A visit to the Tiananmen Square, a holy place for the Chinese. Strolling across till its north end, you will reach the world's largest and the best-preserved imperial palace complex, Forbidden City, where 24 emperors lived with their royal families. You may drop in any nearby restaurant for lunch and then continue your journey to the Temple of Heaven, where the emperors worshiped the heaven and prayed for a good harvest and abundant rainfall.
Day 3
Make a trip to the well-preserved royal garden, the Summer Palace. Renowned for its beautiful landscape and spectacular architecture, the Summer Palace has been listed in the World Heritage Sites and considered as one of the most classical gardens of the world. After lunch, you may visit the Lama Temple, the largest and best-preserved Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Beijing.
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