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Wangfujing Street
Situated in the north of East Chang’an Avenue, Wangfujing Street has played host to shoppers for over a century. Lined with shops on either side, Wangfujing Street has large shopping centers as well, among them Beijing APM Plaza (for­merly named Sun Dong’an Plaza), the 100,000 sq m complex where you can find 200,000 different types of commodities and the One World Department Store that sells famous international brands.

Xidan Shopping Street
Visit Chung­yo Department Store, Xidan Market, Xidan Shopping Center, and Xidan SciTech for shopping, recreation and eating out.

Silk Street Market
It used to be a bustling open-air market. It now is a building with a glass screen on four sides where you will find the Ruifuxiang Branch Store and the Hot Wind Garment chain store, among others selling traditional Chinese silk and famous clothing brands.

How to get there: Take a subway to Yong’anli Station.

Liulichang Culture Street in Hepingmenwai, Xuanwu District
During the Yuan and Ming periods, glazed tiles were produced here. Later, in the Qing period, antique shops opened for business. During Qianlong’s reign (1736­1795), Liuli­chang became a commercial hub dealing in ancient paintings, calligraphy, books, rubbings and the four treasures (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper). As late as 1982 Liulichang Culture Street was remodeled, and is now a cultural center for shoppers on the look out for works of Chinese art.

How to get there: Take a subway to Hepingmen Station, and walk 250 m along South Xinhua Street.

Shopping Centers
  • Beijing Department Store
    Add: 255 Wangfujing St., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­65223388
  • Beijing Friendship Store
    Add: 17 Jianguomenwai St., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­65003311
  • Ruifuxiang Silk & Cloth Store
    Add: 5 Dashilar, Qianmenwai, Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­63035313
  • Yuanlong Silk Co., Ltd
    Add: Opposite to the Hongqiao Market, 55 Tian­tan Rd., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­67052451
  • Lufthansa Friendship Mall
    Add: 52 Liangmaqiao Rd., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­64651188
  • China World Shopping Mall
    Add: 1 Jianguomenwai St., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­65052288
  • Tongrentang Pharmacy
    Add: 24 Dashilar, Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­63014883
  • Piaoliang Shopping Center
    Add: 1/F of Sunshine Plaza, 68 Anli Rd., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­64950198
  • Foreign Languages Bookstore
    Add: 235 Wangfujing St., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­65126903
  • White Peacock Art World
    Add: 3 Dongbinhe Rd., Deshengmenwai, Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­62011199
  • The Malls at Oriental Plaza
    Add: Oriental Plaza, 1 E. Chang’an Ave., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­85186363
  • Beijing APM Plaza
    Add: 138 Wangfujing St., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­65280186

Big brands or bargains
For big brands and high quality commodities, visit large shopping malls, where prices are fixed and not open to negotiations. For bargains, visit the Silk Market or Hongqiao Market.

Shopping Tips
The shops in Beijing are usually open from 09:00­21:30 every day, except night markets that open at nightfall. Most large shopping centers and designated tourist shops can convert foreign currencies into RMB.

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