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Beijing Restaurants

  • Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant
    Add: 32 Qianmen St., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­65112418
  • Gongdelin Vegetarian Restaurant
    Add: 2 Qianmen E. St., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­67020867
  • Donglaishun Restaurant
    Add: 5/F Beijing APM Plaza,
    Wangfujing St., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­65280932
  • Yongfulou Restaurant
    Add: 6 Wenxing Rd., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­68333397
  • Fengzeyuan Restaurant
    Add: 83 Zhushikou W. St., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­63186688
  • Bianyifang Roast Duck Restaurant
    Add: 3F, the second­phase project of
    Chong­wenmen New World Plaza, Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­67120505
  • Fangshan Restaurant
    Add: In the East Gate of Beihai Park,
    Jingshan W. St., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­64042573
  • Jing Fun Café
    Add: No. 1 Ground Floor Store,
    Bishuiyun Build­ing, Wanliu Mid Rd., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­82565205
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