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Entertainment in Beijing

Beijing is a city of theaters, teahouses, cinemas, ballrooms, gyms, swimming pools and golf courses. Take your pick.

Peking Opera
The 200-year old Peking Opera is a true reflection of Chinese culture. Each performance brings together several traditional skills: singing, dancing, acrobatics and martial arts. Not to be missed.

Acrobatics are an art form in China, a tradition that goes back 2,000 years. Classic performances such as ‘walking-on-wire’, ‘head feats’, ‘ancient magic’ and ‘conjuring’, among other tests of body and mind, hold audiences spellbound.

No visit to Beijing is complete without a visit to a teahouse. At the Laoshe Teahouse, for instance, an opera performance unfolds over cups of famous Chinese tea. At the Tianqiao Teahouse, folk dances and songs add their distinct flavor to the brew. In recent years, teahouses have included the tea ceremony to their menu.

Where to spend your evenings
  • Chang’an Theater
    Add: 7 Jianguomennei St., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­65101309
  • Liyuan Theater
    Add: 1/F of Qianmen Hotel, Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­63016688
  • Capital Theater
    Add: 22 Wangfujing St., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­65250996
  • Poly Plaza International Theater
    Add: Dongzhimenwai S. St., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­65001188
  • Beijing Concert Hall
    Add: 1 N. Xinhua St., Liubukou, Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­66057006
  • Laoshe Teahouse
    Add: No. 3 Building, Zhengyang Market, Qian­men W. St., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­63036830
  • UBC Coffee
    Add: 5 Xiliu St., Sanlitun, Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­64672977
  • Chang’an Club
    Add: 10 Chang’an St., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­65229988
  • Beijing Grand Canal Club
    Add: Forest Farm, Hugezhuang Township, Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­89583030
  • Beijing Country Golf Club
    Add: On the western side of Chaobai River, Mapo Town, Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­69403788
  • Beijing CBD International Golf Club
    Add: 99 Gaobeidian Rd., Dongsihuan, Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­67384801
  • International Golf Club
    Add: On the northern side of the Beijing Shisan­ling Reservoir
    Tel: 0086­10­60762288
    Kosaido Golf Club
    Add: Shangsi Rd., Tuanjiehu Beikou, Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­65073380
  • Dongdan Swimming Hall
    Add: Jia 2, Dahua Rd., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­65231241
  • Jinku KTV
    Add: 8­10/F, New Generation Commercial City, 9 Tangzi Hutong, Xidan, Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­66051199/66035577
  • National Center for the Performing Arts
    Add: 2 W. Chang’an Ave., Beijing
    Tel: 0086­10­66064705/66550000
  • Huaxing International Cinema
    Add: 44 Kexueyuan S. Rd., Shuangyushu, Beijing (opposite to the Shuang’an Shopping Center)
    Tel: 0086­10­82112851/82115566

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