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Dear participants,

We are pleased to announce the results of the first China Culture and Tourism Photography Competition which was held during July to September 2018. Organized by China National Tourist Office in New Delhi, the purpose of the photography competition was to implement the consensus reached by President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Modi on the broader Sino-India humanities exchanges and to promote cultural and tourism between the countries.

The competition received a warm response and active participation from Indian friends with more than 1,800 entries. These work fully reflect and display all aspects of Chinese culture and tourism from multiple perspectives, demonstrating their love for China. These play a positive role in enhancing the cultural and tourism exchanges between the countries as well as the affection and friendship between them.

The jury, composed of experts from both China and India, selected 10 winners for the First Prize, 20 for Second Prize, 30 for Third Prize, 50 in the Qualified category, and awarded 81 participants with Encouragement Prize.

The winner list has been uploaded on our official website. Please check at http://www.cnto.org.in. We would like to congratulate the winners and thank everyone for their participation.

The prizes for the winners are as follows:
First Prize: Round air-ticket from Delhi to China
Second Prize: RedMi 6 Pro Mobile Phone
Third Prize: RedMi 6 Mobile Phone
Qualified Prize: T-shirt
Encouragement Prize: T-shirt

In addition, we have printed certificates for each winner.

The specific situation of prizes and distribution methods: the destination and method of use of the First Prize ticket shall be subject to the ticket instruction manual obtained by the winner. The prize ticket is real-name, and the winner is only allowed to use it within the specified 6-month validity period and is not transferable. The ticket tax will be borne by the winner. The Aadhaar Card, valid passport and valid China visa are needed to issue ticket.

The above prizes and certificates will be mailed to the winners by CNTO according to the addresses provided while sending the entries. Please inform CNTO as soon as possible about any change in your address to our email:

info@cnto.org.in or tel: 0091-11-49098626.

For the winning works of this competition, we strive to exert its positive role. The works would be displayed on various medium such as internet, magazines and exhibitions, to influence the Indian mind and enhance their understanding on China.

We sincerely welcome Indian friends to visit China and experience the long history, splendid culture, scenic beauty, and indulge in the authentic cuisine. We also hope that when you go to China for sightseeing, try to take more photos that reflect Chinese culture and tourism. We look forward to seeing you again in the next China Cultural and Tourism Photography Competition!

China National Tourist Office in New Delhi
January 2019

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